Re: SUMMARY: Tweaking a big Solaris box for WWW service

From: David Carmean (
Date: Mon Nov 06 1995 - 14:33:06 CST

On Mon, 6 Nov 1995, Mike Batchelor wrote:

> In comp.unix.solaris you write:
> Ah! Good point. I'm glad you mentioned this, because I am about to
> implement a multi-home server, and was looking at separate log files. This
> fopen() limit of 256 handles is per-process, right?

> But it's good news to me that you have >130 aliases running. I had no idea
> how many ifaces it could support.
> > I've been told that each ethernet interface in these boxes will
> >allow up to 255 IP addresses to be aliased. I'll run out of space in
> >the current class-C before then, but I found that I can assign addresses
> >from another class-C to the interface, route it through the primary
> >IP for the machine as a gateway, and things work just fine.
> Do you mean, like this:
> ifconfig le0
> ifconfig le0:1
> route add -net 0
> And then let routed or gated broadcast a route to the alias subnet?

        Exactly. If I'd figured this out at first, I would have put
them *all* on the new class C. I'll probably do this on my next server.


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