Re: SUMMARY: Tweaking a big Solaris box for WWW service

From: dk smith (
Date: Thu Nov 02 1995 - 18:33:45 CST (Bruce Barnett) wrote:

> Here is a summary of what I learned about tweaking a Solaris
> box for high-performance http service.
> 2. Use a threaded server (Commercial Netscape, phttpd, apache)

Along the lines of this discussion I have a couple related questions that
may merit a separate thread but I'll ask them here since this thread is
about WWW server configurations.

If your server needs to serve several Web sites each in a different
domain, are there some additional techniques or tweaks that may be useful.
For example, due to the way http works we "alias" our ethernet device to
respond to different IP addresses, each one associated to a specific
domain. We run a different instantiation of the Netscape Server that is
"bound" (for lack of a better term) to each IP address. Each domain is
relatively low-bandwidth. (No HotWireds or PathFinders here.) I wonder
when we will hit a performance wall if we keep adding domains and Web
server instances like this.

It would be nice if one instance of the server could "resolve" requests to
a particular domain name and serve up that domain's data. Or does it
really matter? If we have 10, 20, or even 30 domains and a similar number
of instances of the Netscape server running, each with it's 4-16
processes, is this a problem? Is there a better way?

I've seen some ISPs that handle a hundred different domains for Web
service (e.g. Do they run separate instantiations of a Web
server for each domain? Sounds like a maintenance headache. If they don't
do it this way, then what might they do?

Please share your knowledge or opinions, as it related to Solaris 2.4-2.5.

Thank you,

dk smith

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