SUMMARY (really:-): SunOS 4.1.4 on SS 20/612

From: Per Hedeland (
Date: Sun Jun 11 1995 - 18:37:45 CDT

Well, my renewed question yielded much better response - five answers
all reporting success with SunOS 4.1.x on various multi-processor SS10
and SS20, in several cases with high loads. I've forgotten most of the
little statistics I once knew, but for me, six (total) positives and not
a single mention of any problems is enough that I now consider the
warnings about hangs and crashes *caused by running these
configurations* to be nothing but mythological.

Thanks to (in this round):

Jeffery Bacon <>
Joachim Danz <>
dkbfp-dev!nyprod! (Peter Carucci)
Patrick Schoo <> ( Michael Stup )

--Per Hedeland

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