SUMMARY:Weitek chip for SPARC 1 & 1+

From: Clifton Liles (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1993 - 13:27:26 CST

I called Pinnacle and found out they will trade a Clone SPARC II motherboard with
the Weitek chip in it for your old mother board ( with CPU, but sans memory).
I found an add which says from $1,895 (I dont't know what this is for)
For a SPARC 1+ they want $3195.

What you get is a clone Sparc II that runs at 80Mhz and gives ~57MIPS.

I like the idea but this is a bit pricey for me. (for the $1895 they got a deal).
I guess I'll keep looking for a SPARC II motherboad at a good price.

>From their add I found they seem to offer the folling:
SPARC 3/80 ?
SPARC 1, 1+ & SLC $3195.00
SPARC 2, and IPX ? ( This must/may be the $1895)

They send you a new motherboard you change it out and send them your old MB
 within 5 days.

Oh I sent them E-mail and never got a reply! If I get and more worthwile
information I'll pass it along.
IF any one hears of a good way (cheap) to do this, please pass it a long.

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From:idaho!caesar!ken@uunet.UU.NET (Ken Rempe)
The number for Pinnacle is 614 487 1150,  fax 614 487 8568,  or
From: robert@hemingway.weitek.COM (Robert Plamondon)
They have a full-page insert in the November SunWorld.
I've installed three of their SPARC 1 to SPARC 2 upgrade kits (I get
WEITEK chips in-house, of course).  Their SPARC 1/1+ to WEITEK upgrade
is essentially a board swap: you replace your SPARC 1/1+ motherboard with
a SPARC 2 motherboard with a WEITEK SPARC POWER uP chip already installed.

The Sun 3/80, SPARC 1, SPARC 1+, and SPARC 2 all have the same pizza box. The SPARC 2 adds a second fan. This is apparently there to cool hot disk drives, not to provide extra motherboard cooling (which, so far as I can tell, is not necessary with this kind of upgrade). Anyway, you can swap motherboards between any of these systems, with the usual upgrade being to put a SPARC 2 motherboard into an older box. Pinnacle's SPARC POWER uP upgrade has the WEITEK chip pre-installed in a SPARC 2 board. Robert Plamondon * WEITEK Corporation * Home of SPARC Power uP (TM) 80 MHz clock-doubled SPARC processor upgrade for the SPARCstation 2 or IPX FAX-back info line: (800) 827-8708 or (408) 522-7525 Info by ftp: in pub/weitek on * Info by email: 1-800-758-7000

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