Re: SUMMARY: Dial in/out on Solaris 2.2

From: Ted Gilchrist (
Date: Wed Jul 07 1993 - 23:26:00 CDT

I have some questions about setting up by 14400 baud modem
for dialing OUT from my Sparc Classic running Solaris 2.1.


I can dial out and connect to systems at 2400 baud but not at 9600
baud and above. The modem support guy (at Practical Peripherals)
determined that my system can successfully connect to his system at
these speeds, but then my machine kills the connection.

Suppose I just want to dial out. To simplify my problem, can I just do
a "pmadm -r -p zsmon -s ttya" to remove the port monitor and thus
factor it out from all of this? In other words, if the adding the
port monitor service only necessary when you are concerned with a
BIdirectional port? The reason I ask is, it doesn't seem to make any
difference when I remove the port monitor service. This leads me to
believe that my problem lies at the interaction of the following:

              i) modem settings
             ii) eeprom settings
            iii) /etc/remote file
             iv) /etc/ttydefs file
              v) phone line noise (but if so why do I connect before dropping

Here is the current state of my eeproms.


Here is what I believe is the relevant line of my ttydefs file

19200:19200 hupcl -clocal crtscts:19200 hupcl -clocal crtscts::19200

Here is me dialing a 9600 baud line in a couple of diffent ways:

    tiburon% tip -19200 8568960 failed
    tiburon% tip -9600 8568960 failed

Somebody, please help. I'm trapped at 2400 baud!

   Ted Gilchrist

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