Re: SUMMARY: Dial in/out on Solaris 2.2

From: R. Stewart Ellis (
Date: Wed Jul 14 1993 - 22:41:40 CDT (Jim Chappell) writes:

>Ted Gilchrist ( wrote:
>: I have some questions about setting up by 14400 baud modem
>: for dialing OUT from my Sparc Classic running Solaris 2.1.

Why stop at 19200?
You should set the DTE speeds at both ends of the link at the highest speed
possible, so that compression over the DCE link never has to wait for
incoming characters.

>..Stuff deleted.

>: Here is me dialing a 9600 baud line in a couple of diffent ways:

>: tiburon% tip -19200 8568960

>: failed
>: [EOT]
>: tiburon% tip -9600 8568960

>: failed
>: [EOT]
>: tiburon%

>: Somebody, please help. I'm trapped at 2400 baud!

>: Ted Gilchrist

>I haven't tried Solaris yet but in 4.3BSD and earlier dists tip didn't support speeds above 2400.
>(I had access to the source. It's in tip itself, you'd have thought it would be in uucp dialers,
>wouldn't you ?!)

This is not true for either SunOS 4.1.3 or Solaris 2.1. I am typing this
from a Sun workstation running 2.1 tip'ed at 38400 to a SunOS 4.1.3 server.

I do not know anything about dialing into Solaris 2.1 however. The
/etc/remote entry I use on Sol2.1 is:


This points at the first port on a Sun SPC board. I believe you need to
point to /dev/cua/b or a for the builtin ports.

Your modem has to be setup for rts/cts handshaking with xon-xoff turned off.
You should also lock the DTE speed to 38400. You also have to have a full
handshake cable.

I am not sure anymore whether I can dial from the command line when invoking
tip with this setup. I just 'tip z0' and then type 'a/' because I only call
one number.

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