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From: DavidHolland (
Date: Tue Jul 06 1993 - 05:19:54 CDT

In article, (Roger Marquis) writes:
>Stephen Anderson (sja@Software.Mitel.COM) wrote:
>>I actually prefer xterm to cmdtool. The only thing I miss is the `Find'
>>key functionality - has anyone implemented a search command in xterm??
>I find the cmdtool has too many bugs, especially when you want to use
>command line recall under tcsh, or file name completion (set filec) or
>(lots deleted). The shelltool doesn't suffer from those bugs.
>Xterm on the other hand has a nicer default font, is fast, and
   what, that horrible unreadable thing? ;) I prefer the cmdtool default
   (lucidasans-typewriter) on my xterms.

>portable. But then how do you cut and paste under xterm?
   Errmm.. the buttons at the lhs of the keyboard labelled 'cut' 'paste'
   and copy?! They work fine for me, tho' sometimes you have to do the
   whole cut-n-paste cycle before you unselect the text to make it work.
>Roger Marquis

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