Summary - Looking for an audio "talk"

From: Sid Shapiro (sid@Ingres.COM)
Date: Wed Dec 02 1992 - 12:56:34 CST

A few days ago I sent out a request for an audio-version of some "talk"
program using the new sound capabilities of the sparcstations.

I got essentially 3 references: vtalk, netfone, and audio.

The audio package seemed to be a set of X libraries to roll your own
stuff with. I tried vtalk with not too much success. There was a lot
of feedback problems which may have been caused by the closeness of the
speaker and the microphone.

Netfone seemed to have the best set of options, so I concentrated on
that. There were lots of echo, feedback, and long delay problems with
netfone, until we started using headphones. These effectively
dampened the loopback problems and made it possible to hold a

My next try will be over a lower bandwidth net, but netfone has an
option to compress things such that a 56kb link will work. We'll

Thanks to the following people who replied:

"Ernest Retzel (1535 49118)" <> (Adam Stein) (Andrew D Hay)
bob.netherton@dallas.Central.Sun.COM (Bob Netherton) (Jerry Anderson) (Larry W. Virden)
meekj@pt.Cyanamid.COM (Jon Meek) (Mike Batz) (Dominic Giampaolo) (Cliff.Olling) (Tom Brusehaver) (Huy Nguyen)

Sid Shapiro -- Ingres, part of the ASK Group          (415)748-3470

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