Re: Summary - Looking for an audio "talk"

From: Ari Ollikainen (ari@leland.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Wed Dec 02 1992 - 20:45:37 CST

You might want to try the LBL audio "tool" vat available from as vat.tar.Z.

Here's the README file:

Wed Mar 4 22:37:50 PST 1992

This is a pre-release of the LBL audio tool `vat'. Included are a
Sun-4 binary suitable for use on any version of sparcstation
(-I, -II, SLC, ELC, IPC, IPX) and a manual entry. The source
will be released "soon" but we have a few loose ends to finish first.

Vat is primarily intended as an audio conferencing tool. To make use of
the conferencing capabilities, you really want to run vat on a
workstation that supports IP multicast. Steve Deering of Xerox PARC has
done complete IP multicast support for Sun OS 4.x which can be ftp'd
from host, file vmtp-ip/ipmulti-sunos41x.tar.Z.

Since this is a beta being released for testing by Internet packet audio
researchers, we BADLY want to hear about bugs and problems. In other
words, if you ftp & use vat assume you owe us at least one bug report.
Please send all vat related correspondence to Thanks.

 - Van Jacobson (
   Steve McCanne (

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