Summary - Zmodem problem

From: Joseph Chin (
Date: Tue Apr 07 1992 - 16:47:46 CDT

Thank you very much to all those who responded to my post about my problem
with Zmodem on a Sparcstation 2. The following are some of the responses:

>From Joe Hartley (
> Try using the command "sz -l 1024" instead of just the plain old "sz" on the
> Sparc. This forces the packets to be 1K in length. It's worked for me in a
> similar situation. Theoretically, throughput is reduced, but if it's not
> working at all, then throughput is *drastically* reduced!

Thanks Joe (cool name :-) This suggestion works like a charm. Now, I just
alias the "sz" to "/usr/local/bin/sz -l 1024 \!*" and everything just works!

>From Gary Mills at U of M Computer Services:
> Are you aware that Sun's hardware flow control only works in one
> direction? This is mentioned in zs(4). It sounds like you are
> getting a buffer overrun.

Hmmmm ... not being a serial communication expert (or even close), this
sounds kinda brain dead to me. Is this suppose to be the case? Is there a
patch if this is an actual "problem"? Please enlighten me.

Thanks again. You have been a most helpful bunch.


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