Re: Summary - Zmodem problem

From: Guy Harris (guy@Auspex.COM)
Date: Wed Apr 08 1992 - 17:00:47 CDT

>> Are you aware that Sun's hardware flow control only works in one
>> direction? This is mentioned in zs(4). It sounds like you are
>> getting a buffer overrun.
>Hmmmm ... not being a serial communication expert (or even close), this
>sounds kinda brain dead to me. Is this suppose to be the case?


The CPU serial port hardware on Suns is incapable of performing flow
control on incoming data; it can only control the flow of data going out
*from* the Sun. Thus, the hardware flow control only works in one

*Bi*-directional RTS/CTS flow control would have to be done in software,
and the SunOS 4.x driver doesn't do that. Given that SVR4 has an
"ioctl" interface to request bi-directional RTS/CTS flow control, SunOS
5.0 may support it.

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