Re: T1/T3 to Sun: Summary

From: Steve Simmons (
Date: Wed Feb 12 1992 - 18:22:19 CST

ejb@ERA.COM (Jay Berkenbilt) writes:

>Thanks to those who responded to my original posting about T1/T3
>interfaces for the Sun:

> bob@MorningStar.Com
> jamey@MorningStar.Com
> wbe@BBN.COM

>A summary of responses follows. I hope I haven't mangled the
>details in my summary.

>* SnapLink, a product of Morning Star, connects with the SCSI
> bus on the sun and looks to the system like a SCSI disk. This
> bypasses the need for either an SBus or VME interface. The
> accompanying software for Sun is PPP. Something was mentioned
> about coupling this with the Morning Star X.25 gateway.

Owen Medd of Msen, Inc ( has said very nice things about
the snaplink card. He doesn't usually read this group, tho.

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