T1/T3 to Sun: Summary

From: Jay Berkenbilt (ejb@ERA.COM)
Date: Tue Feb 11 1992 - 14:38:59 CST

Thanks to those who responded to my original posting about T1/T3
interfaces for the Sun:


A summary of responses follows. I hope I haven't mangled the
details in my summary.

* SnapLink, a product of Morning Star, connects with the SCSI
  bus on the sun and looks to the system like a SCSI disk. This
  bypasses the need for either an SBus or VME interface. The
  accompanying software for Sun is PPP. Something was mentioned
  about coupling this with the Morning Star X.25 gateway.
* VME T1 capable serial ports are available, according to one
* Sun has an SBus "HSI" board, but this doesn't really do T1.
  Even so, it could be worth looking into for some applications.
* Here are a few VME T1 cards that are known to work in a Sun:

  1) CMC-1800
     Single T1 port. 16Mhz 68020. 1Mb RAM, Rockwell T1 tranceiver parts.
     and other miscellaneous stuff.
     Q.921/Q.931 call control software, Frame relay also. SMDS reportedly in
     the works.
     Contact: Bob Darabant
               (805) 562-3115
  2) Primary Rate Incorporated
     PRI-48 Two port card
     PRI-24 Single port card.
     Less horsepower on the board here. They assume most things get done
     in the host. (May be the right way to go depending upon your application
     and environment)
     They appear to have more software. Are a smaller company and seem to
     be more driven than Rockwell.
     Contact: Marcia Crowley
               (603) 898-1800

                                Jay Berkenbilt (ejb@ERA.COM)
                                Engineering Research Associates

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