SUMMARY - (Interim solution) CP1500 -> Netra T1/105 How??

From: Peter Stokes <>
Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 13:46:45 EDT
Hi All

The solution was to edit the nvalias's to include the ide CDROM


get to ok prompt

show-disks command

select ide cdrom

nvalias cdrom ^Y - and add specific device 2,0:f to end of ^Y

nvstore - to write away

Then you can

boot cdrom



Hi All

I have a curious problem.

The Netra T1/105 has a version of the CP1500 board as its CPU board and
all of the Netra T1/105's I have ever seen have always said 'Netra T1'
etc on the banner and worked fine with the IDE CDROM, until now......

This one has the correct part number, but refuses to say it is a Netra
T1, just says it is a Cp1500 and here is the real problem, has just SCSI
devices in its devalias and refuses to see the IDE CDROM, so I can only
boot a SCSI CDROM.

Anyone know how to 'tweak' a CP1500 back to its Netra mode?

I have tried Googling etc and can find no ref to this.

I have also tried using the Netra Firmware update which works fine, but
makes no difference. Bizarre!!

Lastly I tried swapping the I/O card, again no change.

The unit works 100% apart from this.



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