SUMMARY: forcing memory allocation

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 14:37:42 EDT
I asked:

> I have a couple of servers that run one application and that is it.
> Doing a "top" on the system I see that it has allocated 12Meg, 11Meg
> resident, and there are 820Megs free (not to mention gigs of swap
> space).  The more memory this application has the more efficient it
> will be, so I would like to allocate a good chunk of that unused memory
> to it.  Is there a way to force the OS to set aside a certain amount of
> memory for a particular PID?

The answer:

As I suspected, solaris allocates as much memory as is needed. If that app
only has 12meg allocated, that is all it asked for and all it thinks it
needs.  Now to find another straw to grasp at...  Thanks to all who replied.

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