SUMMARY: Excessive fragmentation on UFS filesystem

From: Sam Nelson <>
Date: Sun May 08 2005 - 06:34:15 EDT
Many thanks for the responses: Anthony D'Atri, Darren Dunham, Tim Chipman
especially. Kudos to John Christian (Never change anything on a Friday!).

I should have been more explicit in my original post: The root filesystem
was at one stage reporting that it was full, ( alloc: and realloccg:
errors) and we were seeing processes falling over. We had many many
thousands of small files.

Eventually the following worked and the system is up and running fine again:

0: take a backup of the server
1: format/analyze/read both disks
2: boot from cd
3: fsck both disks
4: break mirrors
5: ufsdump from one disk to another
6: set up a one way mirror
7: reattach other side of mirror.


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