SUMMARY: sun T3 disk replacement

From: Chuck <>
Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 08:45:18 EST
Thanks to those below who said that they have taken a 
disk from another T3 and used it to replace a T3 disk w/o
problems.  I ran a fake "fire drill" to verify and it does in-
deed work.  I did not want to find out the hard way in my
time of need.  I was also advised to check disk firmware.
In my case, all T3s were of the same firmware and the
disks were all already installed on a T3.
From: "Anjan Dave" <>
From: "Bernd Schemmer" <>
From: "NO UCE" <>
For my own curiosity, I removed a T3 disk from its sled and 
installed it into a SCSI sled as it appears the sun fiber 
channel and SCSI sun sleds seem identical.  I see the fiber 
sleds have the disk WWN on them though. After the disk 
was loaded on the 880, I then used 
# dd < /dev/rdsk/c1t5d0s2 bs=512 | strings | grep -i t3
and found all kinds of goodies.  The T3 name, the clear text 
password and lots of other T3 specific data early on and then
it ran for quite a while with no output.  I only found the 
password as I had the string T3 embedded in it.
That's all folks!!! and Thanks again,
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