SUMMARY: sybase database on files instead of raw volumes.

From: <>
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 12:14:40 EST
Thanks to all the people who responded. I got about 20 responses. Most
people said raw was the old method and files is the modern way to go. I
also called sybase and they said with a modern SAN (EMC, etc..) you wont
see much of a speed difference with raw vs files.
One person cautioned that its easy to accidently delete the sybase files
and cause a problem, but im not worried about that. The only other thing
was to be careful to avoid double buffering. Sybase said to the the "dsync"
option when setting up the devices on files and I will be ok.

Thanks alot guys!

Original Post:

At 23:46 16/02/2005, you wrote:
>I run several sybase version 12.5 databases on sun 480s and 490's on
>solaris 8 and solaris 9.
>I am connected to a 2gb fiber SAN with 4gb cache in front of the SAN.
>We currently run sybase on raw volumes.
>I am trying to convince my coworkers to switch the sybase to run on vxfs
>files instead of raw.
>Can anyone give me pros and cons to switching to files from raw?
>I think the files on vxfs is almost as fast and give much easier
>my coworkers are concered about performance loss with files, but i have a
>ton of sar data showing we barely push the disks at all now.
>thanks gurus!

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