[SUMMARY] Problem with GNU screen and multiple users on Solaris 9

From: Storie, Sam [EPM/RTC] <Sam.Storie_at_EmersonProcess.com>
Date: Tue Dec 28 2004 - 17:22:29 EST
Thanks to Neil D Quiogue and Luc I. Suryo for their responses which led to
one solution to this problem. 

Setting the screen binary to be suid root (chmod u+s) will prevent this
problem from occurring. I'm not totally comfortable with the security
implications of doing so, but I've now found other postings of people using
a suid screen to overcome other problems. For example, many Linux admins
seem okay with setting screen suid root to allow utmp updates to work
properly. I trust our user base, but suid root programs just make me a bit
nervous. I'd still appreciate hearing from other Solaris admins about this,
but it seemed like a good idea to post this solution.


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