SUMMARY: OT: ssh wrapper?

From: joe_fletcher <>
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 17:54:59 EST

Sorry for the delay. Got a solution in the end. SSH supports
a variable SSH_ASKPASS which can define an application to
handle the password dialogue. I found a thing called
x11-ssh-askpass courtesy of one nice Mr Knoble.  Built the
app, defined the variable in the script calling the remote
application and away we went.


Got an issue with removing telnet and rsh at my current
site. We have some financial apps that are started via a set
of icons in an Xwndows based toolbar. Some of these apps
currently run an rsh exec to remote systems to fire up the
application. If we remove rsh and simply substitute ssh we
then need to have a method of inputting passwords (can't
copy key pairs around for the users due to audit controls).
This in turn means that for every app we need to start an
xterm window. This xterm has to persist for the duration
that the app is required to remain running. The net effect
is that the users are going to have lots of xterms all over
their desktops when there were none before and we're going
to have to train them all not to kill the terminals.

What I'm looking for (if anyone has done this before) is
perhaps some kind of tcl/tk wrapper that will just pop up a
window to input the password then quietly disappear once the
app has been started. Not sure if it's possible since we're
effectively tunnelling x apps and both ends of the tunnel
must stay open for the duration of the session.

So, in essence, how do I get from 

rsh remotehost -e /blah/de/blah/de/blah


ssh remotehost /blah/de/blah/de/blah

without having to do:

/usr/dt/bin/dtterm -e "ssh remotehost /blah/de/blah/de/blah"

Any pointers would be massively appreciated.


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