[SUMMARY] Secure FTP server recommendations

From: Clive McAdam <CMcAdam_at_liaison.com>
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 11:00:49 EST
After some investigating I decided to use mod_tls with ProFTPd.
It turned out to be a simple solution for ftps as it meant not having to
change any of the existing chrooted/anonymous accounts currently set up in

I recompiled ProFTPd with the following line:-

./configure --with-modules=mod_tls \
    --with includes=/usr/local/openssl/include \

The following link proved useful:-


For those of you confused between the differences between SFTP and FTPS,
this link provides a clear explanation:-


On the client side, I did testing using FileZilla (Windows)
http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/   and C-Kermit (Solaris and Linux)

The Kermit script I used to login and do a listing looks like this:-

#!/usr/bin/kermit +
set auth ssl verify no
ftp open <FTPs server> /user:<username> /password:<password>
if fail exit 1 Connection failed
if not \v(ftp_loggedin) exit 1 Login failed
ftp dir
if fail exit 1 ftp dir: \v(ftp_message)
ftp bye
---end snip---

A good resource for describing the difference between explicit and implicit
SSL can be found here:-

Thanks also for all the suggestions, viz. vandyke.com , Very Secure FTPd
http://vsftpd.beasts.org/  ,  wu-ftpd.org  , ncftpd.com  ,  pureftpd.com 

Sorry for the late summary, I hope all the info provided above helps someone



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Subject: Secure FTP server recommendations

Any recommendations for a secure FTP server product for Solaris ?
I'm not too interested in mod_tls with proFTPd.
I'm also not interested in sftp either.
I need a true FTPs server (commercial or otherwise)
Does anyone have any experience/suggestions related to this ?
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