SUMMARY: Ultra 10 will not recognize new NIC

From: Eric Sisson <>
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 16:21:27 EST
Greetings, all,

This is a summary of the responses I received to my posting about 
using a 3Com 3C905 PCI Ethernet card in an Ultra 10 (original message 

Apparently, the 3C905 is meant only for Intel-based systems and not 
for SPARC systems.  It was worth a try since it was lying around, but 
it appears that the group will need to purchase a Sun PCI NIC.

I did receive pointers to some web sites that could have useful 
information.  I have not had a chance to check these, yet.  For the 
record (and for the benefit of anybody who finds this message in the 
archives), they are the following:

Thanks go to the following for very prompt and informative responses:

     Jacob Rieper
     J. Oquendo
     Jeremy Loukinas
     Russell Poffenberger
     Matt Ungaro
     Darren Dunham

I appreciate everybody's time.

Eric Sisson
Eric M. Sisson, Senior Research Programmer        email:
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Original message:

>I am working with a group that has an Ultra 10, running Solaris 8, 
>on which the onboard Ethernet has died.  Unfortunately, they let the 
>hardware maintenance lapse, so we are trying to fix it ourselves. 
>We grabbed a 3Com 3C905 card from a stash of parts and plugged that 
>into one of the PCI slots, intending to use that.  However, it is 
>not working, and that is the reason for this post.
>The lights on the card glow when an Ethernet cable is connected to 
>it, so the card appears to be good.  However, entering ``show-nets'' 
>at the ``ok'' prompt lists only the onboard interface.  When we boot 
>the system and enter command ``prtconf'', we see the following (in 
>     pci, instance #1
>       ...
>       ethernet (driver not attached)
>When we remove the card and do a ``boot -r'', the ``ethernet ...'' 
>line disappears from the output, so that line does refer to the 
>3C905.  I have tried entering ``ifconfig plumb'', but that seems to 
>have no effect.  Clearly, we are missing something.
>Does anybody have any experience with 3C905 (or related) cards in an 
>Ultra 10 or other SPARC system?  Should I be doing something else or 
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