SUMMARY: Gefen 4x1 DVI/ADC switcher with USB/DVI SUN workstations..

From: <>
Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 17:58:53 EST
Hi everyone,

Just for the record (I guess nobody had any issues or information with 
this kind of setup):

I got the 4x1 DVI/ADC switcher anyway (at a bargain) and everything works 
fine: I can switch between the sb100 and the sb2000 without trouble. The 
display is picture-perfect at 1920x1200 with DVI. The only thing that gave 
me trouble is that the USB connectors on the Gefen 4x1 switcher are in 
fact connected to a generic USB hub. This results in the following 

++ The type 6 UNIX USB keyboard and Logitech PS2/USB optical mouse can be 
shared between both workstations with all original functionnality 
retained: Since it's a USB hub, all of the function/compose keys work as 
if the keyboard was connected natively to the workstation.

-+ Since the Keyboard and Mouse presented on the USB bus are 'native' and 
only presented to the active USB port, you -must- switch the active 
display port prior to powering on the SUN workstation if you'd like the 
workstation to detect the Keyboard and Mouse. This is quite different from 
some other KVM's (such as the Belkin SOHO Omniview) where emulated 
Keyboard and Mouse are present at all times on all KVM ports. The Gefen 
USB hub technique allows for full functionnality of the SUN Type 6 
Keyboard so I'm pretty happy with this.

I was also happy to discover that USB devices appear to be daisy-chainable 
without trouble: I connected the mouse and keyboard to the LCD's USB hub, 
which I connected to one of the USB inputs on the Gefen switcher ; both 
workstations (the sb100 and sb2000) detected these devices without trouble 
at boot time even though they were two hubs away.


Vincent S. Cojot, Computer Engineering. STEP project. _.,-*~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~
Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Comite Micro-Informatique. _.,-*~'`^`'~*-,.
Linux Xview/OpenLook resources page _.,-*~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~'`^`'~*-,._.,-*~'  _.,-*~'`^`'~*-,._

On Fri, 8 Oct 2004, Vincent Cojot wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I have a SUN 24" LCD (1920x1200) monitor that I'd like to share between two 
> stations:
> SunBlade 2000, XVR-1000, 1920x1200-capable on DVI.
> SunBlade 100, XVR-600, also 1920x1200-capable on DVI.
> I'm currently considering the purchase of a Gefen 4x1 DVI/ADC switcher (Ref: 
> ) because it's one of the 
> few DVI/USB KVM's that can do 1920x1200.
> My problem is that they only list 'PC' and 'Mac' for compatibility..
> Has anyone done that before...? Is it possible to connect a DVI/SUN to such a 
> KVM? Any information welcomed.. :)
> Thanks for reading...
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