SUMMARY: SLVM broken, it seems

From: Jeff Woolsey <>
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 11:22:50 EST
We last left our hero with 73GB disks that would not mirror on
Solaris 9 (the metadbs would not survive a reboot) while smaller
disks would.

I got few responses.  Three people were having Out-Of-Office
Experiences.  One respondent confirmed that I was essentially doing
things right.

After following up a number of dead ends, I eventually realized
that I was running up against a feature of SLVM whereby you can
move disks around and it will find them.  It does this by concoting
and recording a devid (took a few days to ferret out that term) for
each disk.  One component of this devid is the disk serial number.
The 73GB disks I have are third-party refurbished, and do not report
serial numbers.  Thus SVM could not find unique disks.  Never mind
that the mddb replicas were identical and in the same location on
each disk; it can't depend upon that generally.

All is not lost, however.  Given the devid term, it's not hard to
get Sunsolve to elicit SunAlert/InfoDoc 48730.  It describes entries
in sd.conf that get it to fake up unique devids for disks without
serial numbers.  Once this was in place, all was right with the
world once again, and the mirrors are silvering as I write.

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