Summary -- Emulex LP9802DC cards, failover, etc.

From: <>
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 15:19:52 EST
The problem: I originally wrote because I was having issues getting Emulex
LP9802DC cards to do failover correctly when attached to an IBM FAStT. With the
aid of an RDAC package from IBM (pulled out of the Storage Manager for Solaris
software), I was eventually able to get failover to work. Then, however, the
system crashed any time data was written to the newly mounted filesystem. 

The solution: We broke down and switched cards. A couple of you wrote to suggest
this was a driver issue, but I was unable to get it working with a couple of
different driver versions and with a variety of different drivers parameters. 

There was also some confusion about the Emulex card on our part; apparently IBM
says it's compatible with the FAStT on Windows, but doesn't include it on its
compatibility list for Sun. Using a Qlogic card and the IBM RDAC package,
everything is working as expected.
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