SUMMARY: IP address changed.

From: Joohyun Cha <>
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 18:14:15 EST

Thanks for your kind reply. 

The problem is solved. The reason why IP address was changed is
wrong command line in SUNWexplo package. The command "ifconfig -a modlist"
which is called from Explorer packages prior to ver 4.2 can change
all interfaces IP address if 1) the OS version is < 5.7 and 2) "modlist"
can be resolved in the host name space. (/etc/hosts, NIS, DNS etc.)
The "modlist" is new keyword of "ifconfig" command from 5.8 but 
in OS ver <= 5.7 the "modlist" is recognized as hostname.
Thus "ifconfig -a modlist" sets the system's all interface to IP address
of host modlist. 

Please refer to:

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