SUMMARY: A5000 disk array failed disk

From: Grant Lowe <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 17:21:37 EDT
Thanks the quick and helpful suggestions.  I got answers (and a little extra help) from:
Daniel Vega
Richard Brathwaite 
Brian Walter
Zion Huang
Jeremy Loukinas
The answers boiled down to this:
Find the failed disk, find out the volume group the disk belongs to, remove the disk from Veritas control, probe the array to find the failed disk, remove the failed disk via command line, remove the disk physically.
I had done this, but Veritas still insisted that the disk had errors.  The extra credit goes to NetComrade who gave me this command: 
vxdisksetup -i cXtXdX

The rest of the procedure consists of: Insert the new disk, replace the disk via command line, put the disk under Veritas control.  
Original question:
Hi gurus.
I've got an A5000 disk under Veritas control. The array is showing a failed disk on the front panel as well as the light above the disk is orange.  Its having some weird behavior problems.  I do a vxdisk list, I see the failed disk:
c3t83d0s2    sliced    -            -            error

However, under format, the disk doesn't show up.  I ran devfsadm and the disk still isn't showing up.
I do a luxadm display ARRAY and it shows under the (Node WWN) column) this:
3      Not Installed                         On (Faulted)      0000000000000000

So I figure if Veritas can't see it, then I don't have to worry about Veritas replacing it.  But Using luxadm to remove gives me this:
ROOT@ccdb1-stage:[~]# luxadm remove_device CCD-1 0000000000000000
 WARNING!!! Please ensure that no filesystems are mounted on these device(s).
 All data on these devices should have been backed up.

 Error: Device's Node WWN is not found in the WWN list.
 - CCD-1.
Ideas are very much appreciated.  Thanks!
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