SUMMARY : Sun-FireV210 hanging on reboot/boot from OK prompt

From: David STAPLETON <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 04:20:50 EDT
Hi all,

I actually got no replies to this one at all.

It's a late summary as the problem was only resolved recently due to site
moves and project time lines, etc.

I logged a call with SUN and it looked like it was actually a hardware issue,
specifically one of the disks.

The theory was that the disk was ok from a cold boot but failed to properly
initialise when the server was rebooted or booted from the OK prompt.

I swapped out the disk, replacing it with a new one and the problem was still

It turns out it was a hardware issue but a faulty disk back plane rather than

After this was swapped out the problem disappeared.


david s.

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Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 08:33:44 +0100
From: "David STAPLETON" <>

Subject: Sun-FireV210 hanging on reboot/boot from OK prompt

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Hi all,

I recently jumpstarted a new Sun-FireV210, actually three, but one is
giving me problems when I reboot from the OS or try to boot
(including boot -s) from the OK prompt.  BUT if the machine if
powered down and you do a power-up it boots up directly with no

The jumpstart on all three were identical and the other two do not
show this issue.

I have compared the eeprom values and the devalias values one of the
two machines to the one that is not rebooting and they are the same.
About the only thing that is different is that the one causing
problems is in the same building as me and I used a dumb terminal
plugged directly into the ALOM port to jumpstart it, (the others are
at remote sites and had the ALOM configured over the network).

I haven't actually set the netsc_ipaddr, nets_ipnetmask, etc., could
this be causing it to seemingly lose connection on a reboot or boot,
if so why not from an initial power-up???

Any help is very appreciated and I will, as usual, summarise.


David S.
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