SUMMARY: DTE or DCE and Connecting RockPort 8 port serial to SunFire.

From: sreenath sarikonda <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 10:36:27 EDT
Thank you very much  Christopher,Darren Dunham and
Helmut Kreft.

Here is the link to find the PIN diagram for RJ-45 TO
DB-25 ADAPTER(Atleast we can know how RJ-45 part of
the adapter,PIN numbers).Also you can use
to find out the color code for that cable.
Also something to chew on:
      I read in Aleen Fresch's book that that if PIN 2
is TX then its DTE and if PIN 3 is TX then its DTE.
According to this and Stokely resources all sun
equipment are DTE. 

DTE or DCE. Sun sytems classification.

Blade 100	DB-9M DTE
Blade 1000	DB-25F DTE
Enterprise 150	DB-25F DTE
Enterprise 220R	DB-25F DTE
Enterprise 250	DB-25F DTE
Enterprise 3000	DB-25F DTE
Enterprise 3500	DB-25F DTE
Enterprise 420R	DB-25F DTE
Enterprise 450	DB-25F DTE
Enterprise 4500	DB-25F DTE
Enterprise 5500	DB-25F DTE
Enterprise 6500	DB-25F DTE
Fire 1280	DB-25F DTE
Fire 280R	DB-25F DTE
Fire 3800	DB-25F DTE
Fire 420R	DB-25F DTE
Fire 4800	DB-25F DTE
Fire 4810	DB-25F DTE
Fire 6800	DB-25F DTE
Fire 880	DB-25F DTE
Fire V100	RJ-45F DTE
Fire V120	RJ-45F DTE
Fire V480	RJ-45F DTE
Fire V880	DB-25F DTE
Netra ft 1800	DB-25F DTE
Netra t 1120	DB-25F DTE
Netra t 1125	DB-25F DTE
Netra t 1400	DB-25F DTE
Netra t 1405	DB-25F DTE
Netra t1 Model 105	RJ-45F DTE
Netra t1 Model AC200	RJ-45F DTE
Netra t1 Model DC200	RJ-45F DTE
Netra X1	RJ-45F DTE
StorEdge 3000	DB-9F DTE
StorEdge 3310	DB-9F DCE
Ultra 1/2/5/10/30/60/80	DB-25F DTE
V240	RJ-45F DTE

Thank you,
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