[SUMMARY]: NTP and BIG time difference

From: Steve Howie <showie_at_uoguelph.ca>
Date: Mon Oct 18 2004 - 15:52:06 EDT
Wow - close to 30 responses! Thanks folks

1. Run ntpdate to set the date correctly, and start xntpd running on the 
server to handle minor drift. ntp by itself won't handle a 25 minute 

2.  Dave Harrington also pointed to a useful  article regarding this 
very topic:

Read Sandra Henry-Stocker's Notes:


She's a great reference for practical information. This just happened to be
her latest column.

Dave Harrington

3. The biggest caveat is to ensure that the applications you have 
running on your server (e.g. databases such as Oracle) are not impacted 
adversely  by time stamps jumping backward in time all of a sudden.

4. A reboot is not necessary

Thanks once again


Original message


I just checked one of our V880 servers and noticed it is a whole 25 
MINUTES fast. needless to say, I didnt have ntpd installed. Would NTPD 
correct such a huge difference upon activation or should the system be 
rebooted and the system clock reset first?


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