SUMMARY: deleted metadatabase replica

From: Travis Haas <>
Date: Thu Sep 02 2004 - 09:11:35 EDT
Thanks to everyone who responded.  I had to run fsck on the disk before
it would mount, as the Super Block was bad.  Unfortunately, I wasn't
able to recover any data on the drive as after the fsck ran I only had
lost+found on the disk.  I was able to mount the original bad drive in a
different Sun box and get at the data, so it wasn't a total loss, other
than having to reinstall Solaris.

Most suggestions were along the same lines for booting disk1:

>From Chad Truhn:
Try booting off of the  Solaris cdrom using 'boot cdrom -s'.  Once it
boots mount the drive 'mount -F ufs /dev/dsk/c#t#d#s0'  and cd to the
drive and change the /etc/vfstab back from the metadevices to the simple
partition slices.  Then edit the /etc/system file and delete everything
that says 'forceload'.  Then unmount, shutdown, and boot off of that.
It may also still be trying to boot off of disk 0.  Try switching the
drives so that disk 1 is in the disk 0 slot.  If you have any questions
about this feel free to ask...

Thanks again everybody.


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Server:  Solaris 7, disksuite, mirrored system drives.

disk0 fails, I reboot with disk1.  I delete the wrong database replica
(deleted the one on disk1), reboot, the system won't come up as it says
there is not a bootable disk.

Is there a way I can recover disk1?
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