SUMMARY: GIFs (or so) of SUN hosts for network diagrams

From: Rob De Langhe <>
Date: Thu Sep 02 2004 - 06:54:14 EDT

URLs: (ready-to-use Visio stencils) (front, back & side images, click
"zoom" to get images without labelling)
[ (for old servers)]

thx to Victor Karpovich, Tom Jones, Tim Tuck, Kevin Smith, Jason Santos, Ray
Pengelly, Petri Kallberg, Pascal Grostabussiat, John Malick, Jeremy Loukinas,
Kaylan Machikanti, Michael Schneider, John Christian, David Eisner, Francois
Bousquet, Ben De Mora

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Subject: GIFs (or so) of SUN hosts for network diagrams


anyone knows where I can download (for free, of course) images of SUN hosts in
either GIF or JPEG format, to be used in network diagrams ?


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