SUMMARY - OT - Apache Install Problem

From: Santomauro, Deborah <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 2004 - 11:19:27 EDT
Actually this isn't a true summary because I never found out exactly
what was causing the problem with the "make"
 process of apache (original question is below).  I ended up taking the
apache directory from another SunFire V880 and tarring it up and this
worked, which is what I needed in order to continue with the install of
a special monitoring tool that requires a functional web server.  In
other words I had to move fast, but IF I ever get an opportunity - i.e.
time - I'll try some of the suggestions that I received. I'll provide an
updated summary should I ever find the actual solution instead of just a
band-aid fix. I would like to thank in particular the following for
taking time to respond and provide some possible solutions:

Dale Hirchert 
Julian Grunnell
Nicolas Figaro
Rob Foehl
Steve Sandau

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Subject: OT - Apache Install Problem
Apologies to all for asking an OT question. I'm still searching both
Sun Managers and Apache group archives but meanwhile, I thought that I
would throw this out to you and ask if anyone knows of why I'm having a
problem with the "make" part of the Apache install.

OS = Sunfire V880/Solaris 8 (according to the regular admin it has its
latest patches)

I was able to configure successfully but when I run "make" I receive the
following error:

Fatal Error: Command failed for target `apr_snprintf.lo'
Fatal Error: Command failed for target `all-recursive'

This will occur after this step: /include/arch/unix -c apr_snprintf.c
&& touch apr_snprintf.lo
Checking the directory where this "apr_snprintf.lo" is supposed to be
touched, there is no file. I tried to touch the file myself but later
on in the make process, this file is read once again but since I created
the file, it's empty and cannot be "read" by the next make process and

Is there a parameter that I need to include or file that needs to be
edited? Or better yet, is this already included on the Solaris 8
software CD so that way I don't have to bother with the configure/make
process and just do a package install?

Thanks for any advice and will summarize.

Deborah Santomauro
Unix System Administrator - SCSA
Lockheed Martin-Enterprise Information Systems
Palmdale, CA  93599
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