Summary: Sun keyboard question

From: Gary Lopez <>
Date: Wed Sep 08 2004 - 15:40:53 EDT
My question:
Good Morning,
Just a question by a user. I'm sure someone here has an answer as I can
always find good admins reading requests.
When a Sun machine has it's keyboard removed while on, it goes to the
stop A prompt. How do you stop this from occuring, ie. the system will
keep running after removing the keyboard?
Conversely when you start a Sun machine without keyboard  or monitor
plugged in, how do you get it to display on a monitor later? I could not
get it to come up, and it did not respond to keyboard input.

Thanks in advance ..

Thanks to Eric Seale, Rich Teer, David Foster, and Angelo Bonfiete..
Concession was " kdb -a disable" for the keyboard. But that the system 
will not boot up without a keyboard. Here is a more cincise answer from 
John Malick:

The first part of your question depends on which Solaris you're running. 
All the latest releases, you would need to disable the "KEYBOARD ABORT" 
setting in the /etc/default/kbd file. Ususally it is commented out and 
you would need it to look like the following:


Or you can create a different break signal that would not be the same as 
when keyboard is removed.

For the second part of your question I don't believe you can do this. 
When the system is powered it looks for a keyboard. If it does not find 
one it assumes the console is now ttya. Simply plugging a keyboard in 
later does not switch console back to the graphics card. What you could 
do is unplug the monitor but always leave a keyboard plugged in. That 
way you can remove and re-attach the monitor at any time.
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