Summary V1280 Bad Trap error

From: Kris Hogg <>
Date: Tue Oct 12 2004 - 11:06:16 EDT
Turns out it was an OPB issue, the machine was running 5.13.0012 the other
unit was running 5.13.0013

Upgraded the obp and the machine runs fine...

Thanks to

Kalyan Manchikanti and Dale Hirchert

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We have a V1280 that is running Solaris 9, which panics on boot, we get the
following message, which I think is where the fault lies

      Requesting Internet address for 0:3:ba:32:ad:2d


 SunOS Release 5.9 Version Generic_112233-10 64-bit

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Use is subject to license terms.

 panic[cpu0]/thread=140a000: BAD TRAP: type=34 rp=1409190
addr=dcf36f013f15c0dd mmu_fsr=0

: alignment error:


pid=0, pc=0x1141cb4, sp=0x1408a31, tstate=0x4480001602, context=0x0

g1-g7: 1013f5c, 300009e9ab0, 300000060a0, fffffffffff00000, 0, 10, 140a000

However we have also loaded Sol 8 on the unit and it boots and runs fine
with no panics.

My first thought was that CPU0 had a fault, but when I disable that board,
the error shows on CPU8, and with the machine running fine under
Solaris8 I am unsure, does anyone know if there is a software issue that
would affect a processor under 9 and not 8?

We have Sol9 12/03, and I have loaded this image onto the other V1280 we
have and it runs fine

Can anyone shed some light? Thanks

Will post summary

Kris Hogg
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