[SUNMANAGERS] [NONSUMMARY] strange who problem on V100 after cluster patch

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Date: Wed Oct 06 2004 - 09:56:36 EDT
This is a non-summary email.  I will follow up at some point in the future once 
I find a patch or configuration option to resolve this.

Thank you Ed Guenther who was the one response that I got on this.  It was 
suggested that I look at/confirm permissions on my /var/adm/wtmpx file.  They 
were 644 and ownership of adm.adm .  This matched the permissions on other 
Solaris systems that I administer.

I also did further research into patch 115651, as mentioned below.  From the 
patch description from Sunsolve, it does not appear to address this issue.  My 
original question is posted below.

Conor Svensson
Hani Jabr
Steve Norton
Steve Bablak
Andy Scutt
Skog Espen
Navi Sirisena
Juergen Waiblinger
Stella Kong

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Jerry K

sunlist wrote:
> I have a V100 with a fresh install of Solaris 9 + the cluster patch from 14
> September 2004.  Prior the the installation of the cluster patch, output 
> from
> the who and last command were fine.  After the installation, remote logins
> from
> who look like this:
> =====================
> # who
> root       pts/5        Oct  3 17:09    (~OeX)
> #
> =====================
> output from the "last" command shows similar host output behavior.
> I also ran patchdiag tool to see if there was anything obvious in the 
> way of
> patches that might help, using a current .xref file.  For the most part, my
> patch level was CURRENT.  I did see one patch that might be related.  
> This is
> the patchdiag output:
> 115651    01        02    SunOS 5.9: usr/lib/acct/runacct Patch
> This seemed somewhat similar as it references similar files.  I am 
> wondering
> if
> anyone else has seen this behavior from who/last.
> Thanks for any input, I will summarize.
> Jerry K
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