SUMMARY: log NFS requests

From: <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 2004 - 07:20:51 EDT
 Hi Managers,

Late Summary due to childbirth   :-)

> I have an application that is making an extremely large number of file
> reads to an NFS server. I would like to log (probably only for a brief
> period of time) which files/directories it is accessing. OS is Solaris 8.

Thanks to:

the man pages for truss and System Calls; Casper Dik; Rich Teer; Chris Pinnock.

man nfs_share (suggested by many; I couldn't get this to work)

truss -t open,read,lseek -p $PID_OF_RUNNING_PROCESS (suggested by Chris). I found that 
truss -t open -o /tmp/trussoutput -p $PID_OF_RUNNING_PROCESS was sufficient to get the information required and keep it in a useable form.

Thanks all
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