SUMMARY: Automount won't automount. Troubleshooting recommendations requested.

From: Eric Williams <>
Date: Thu Sep 09 2004 - 14:43:06 EDT
Thanks to all who made suggestions. Here is what caused the issue:

> I think the MacOS X NFS server does not allow subdirectories to be
> mounted. You should check its configuration for this.
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> Nicolas

This is kind of a pain and I am not sure of the workaround if I want to 
keep using NIS with auto_home maps. I'll be talking to my Apple 
engineer about why this is and if it can be fixed. Supposedly Solaris 
can be setup to be a client to a OS X server and use LDAP maps from the 
OS X machine to define mount points and such. I am working on that too, 
but now I am wondering how home areas from the Mac will be mounted if 
you can't mount subdirectories. Ugh! This was supposed to be easier...

Original question:

> Eric Williams <> writes:
>> Solaris 7 running NIS. I currently have home areas on several disks on
>> the network. The partitions are shared to all other machines so that I
>> can maintain a auto_home file distributed through NIS and have home
>> areas automount. I have recently added a Mac OS X server that shares a
>> large partition of home areas with NFS. When I add users to auto_home
>> with home areas on this share and try to login and connect  I get a
>> permission denied error. I can cd to this share through the /net mount
>> point as any user and see all the home areas so I know that NFS is
>> working and sharing is OK.
>> Anyone have some troubleshooting tips as to why I can't automount home
>> areas from this share?

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