SUMMARY: how to increase file transfer speed?

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 2004 - 09:00:53 EDT
Many thanks for the replies. I hope I am not too late in summarizing.
i've just finished a big maintenance

my first mail wasn't so clear, because some people suggested something i have already done

- i say "Cisco switches was configured without autonegotiation 100Mb/s", but it's also right for my all suns machine according infodoc 16144 since 4 years
so it's not the way

but T. Dick send me info about a sun blue print, so i did new tests with autonegociation

my basic test consist of:
/bin/time -p dd if=/dev/zero of=/export/nfs/fich1Go bs=1024k count=1000
output file may be on local disk, or on a partition nfs mounted

if nfs server (e250 with d1000 raid 1+0) is configured with autonegociation, i saw:
Aug 24 15:32:23 kodaly nfs: [ID 333984 kern.notice] NFS server not responding still trying
and file size stopped at 32768 bytes
and when i try to stop process, i see many errors:
Aug 24 15:39:56 kodaly nfs: [ID 664466 kern.notice] NFS commit failed for server error 16 (RPC: Failed (unspecified error))

but if i did a ftp connction, it works!

Some results:
- time to write on a local disk (d1000): 	31.6 seconds 	(32Mb/s)
- from a sun nfs client on this disk: 		105 sec		(10Mb/s)
- from a linux nfs client: 			185 sec		(5.6Mb/s)
all machines are 100Mb/s full duplex

from ftp, i obtain 5MB/s (40Mb/s), it's better than to write on a disk!?

and finally, ufsdump between e250 and ultra10 with LTO2 gave 5.2MB/s

very strange indeed, i don' understand what's happen, or perhaps my tests are irrelevant

gerard henry
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