SUMMARY: in.tftpd in standalone mode (SunOS5.9) ?

From: Pascal Grostabussiat <>
Date: Fri Aug 20 2004 - 12:15:43 EDT
Thank you to: Chris Pinnock, William D Hathaway, and Dave Miner.

The problem was:

I would like to run /usr/sbin/in.tftp in standalone mode, something
that does not seem to be supported in Solaris !? Has anyone succeeded
in doing that ?

The reason why I don't want to go through inetd is for process
monitoring purposes. I would like a cluster agent to start TFTP in
standalone mode, monitor the process (need a PID for the process which
must be up and running/listening all the time), stop the process when
requested, and of course to fail it over if needed.

I have so far disable TFTP from inetd.conf and tried to start it
manually just like I did for the FTP daemon. But TFTP does not stay up,
only for a while, and dies if no connection is to be served.

Here are the answers:

Right, because it needs a helper program (such as inetd) to pass it the
socket connection information.


one option is to create another inetd.conf file such as
/some/path/tftp_only_inet.conf that *only* has the tftp entry in
it and then have your cluster software run

inetd -s /some/path/tftp_only_inet.conf

another alternative is to download a different tftp server, such as the
one available in the GNU inetutils package

which I think runs standalone, or you could at least have the option of
editing the source code if it doesn't.  There are probably many other
variations of tftp servers available.

And the one which works just fine for me:

There is an undocumented and unsupported standalone option, "-S".  No
guarantees that it'll work, but the code is there.

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