SUMMARY 2: detecting a DVD drive

From: Miller Alan <>
Date: Mon Aug 02 2004 - 05:56:31 EDT
Michael Schneider also nicely added that iostat
also shows the DVD info.

   alan@server # iostat -En |grep -i DVD
   Vendor: TOSHIBA  Product: DVD-ROM SD-C2512 Revision: 1013 Serial No:

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According to the Systems Handbook I should have a Toshiba ATAPI/IDE DVD

The "prtconf -v" command should show the device.

  alan@server # prtconf -v| grep -i dvd
	              value 'DVD-ROM SD-C2512'

Thanks to Hendrik Visage, Anthony D'Atri, and Tobias Nutt
for their very quick responses.

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