Summary E4500 connected to D2 Array

From: Wayne Wright <>
Date: Tue Jul 20 2004 - 09:59:03 EDT
A short Summary of my own testing has confirmed the following:

The D2 array is in fact backward compatible with both SCSI fast/wide and
ultra/wide.   So this array does infact work on a E4500 Sbus I/O card at
20MB/S or the faster 40MB/S but much more expensive configuration below.
Interestingly enough the Sun LVD PCI cards will also work on the Sun PCI I/O
cards in a E4500.

  Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2004 1:49 PM
  Subject: E4500 connected to D2 Array

  Any body successfully connected a Sun E4500 to a Sun D2 Array via the PCI
I/O (X2632A) > Single Ended Ultra/Wide SCSI (X1032A) cards.In other words Sun
makes no mention of the E4500 being a supported configuration, I can only
surmise due to the fact that no SCSI3 card is available for the E4500.My
thoughts were to connect the Array using the slower Single ended Ultra/Wide
PCI card in the E4500. Any reason why this will not work?   40Mb/sec should
not be a issue for this project.I need to present this option to a customer
and have him buy the PCI I/O and SCSI PCI cards in the next day or two,
therefore I prefer not to suggest any  unessary expense's if it will not
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