From: Mike Carter <>
Date: Tue Jul 13 2004 - 18:30:50 EDT
In addition to my original summary...

This was the cover on CRN

summary part 2...

Any requests made to Sun for justification of the policy described above in
the ASCDI white pages have gone unanswered.  As many of you do have a stake
in this regardless if you use the gray market or not I wanted to mention
that there continues to be discussion from VAR's and secondary market
resellers alike regarding the affects of this policy.  The July 5th -12th
edition of CRN has two letters to the editor reflecting the frustration with
Sun's actions.  One written by our Sun product manager here at Alta!  Both
letters are a good read for Sunmanagers affected by this policy, regardless
if you buy new product direct, or used via the secondary market.

I would be interested in hearing and of course sharing any additional
insight those here have gained since this issue was first brought up.

Kind Regards,

Michael Carter
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