SUMMARY: Copy flash archive from tape

From: Peter Guthrie <>
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 14:41:54 EDT
Bill R. Williams wrote:

>Hi Peter,
>I'm guessing that you need a 'bs=' on the dd.
>Apparently, 'dd' has some internal default for the buffer it will use
>if you do not specify [io]bs.  Since you are reading from tape and
>writing to disk, the 'bs=' only matters to the 'dd' for buffering
>purposes.  Pick the biggest number you think you'll need for a tape
>block.  (The biggest blocksize the tape can have.)
>Most likely this'll do it:
>dd if=/dev/rmt/0mn of=/SOMEWHERE/taped.flar bs=128k

Thanks Bill, setting the block size did the trick.

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