SUMMARY: server-side ftp autorization delays

From: Jacob Lerner <>
Date: Sun May 30 2004 - 04:42:45 EDT
Thanks to all who answered: Len Muller, Peter Bauer,
Muthukumar Guhadoss, Samir Sethi, Walls Peter, Kevin Inscoe,
Bill Williams, Ray Trzaska.

The winning answer that solved my problem came from Bill R. Williams;
thanks Bill:

Bill R. Williams wrote:

>I have a possible fix...
>You say:
>>> How can I remove those delays ? Putting the client into /etc/hosts
>>> doesn't help. ...
>When you put the clients into your /etc/hosts, are they in there like
>	client
>IF so, make their names fully qualified by adding a DOT -- maybe
>something like this:
>	client. client
>or (if you want the eyecatching cosmetics):
>	client.localdomain client
>in either case put the entry with the '.' (DOT) *first* after the IP
>(I use 'localdomain' for domain like 'localhost' means this host.)
>When a resolver tries to look up a specified host, if that host is not
>fully qualified (does not contain a DOT) the resolver will append the
>default domain and have a try.  
>IOW: If your domain (or search) is '' and you specify 'client' the
>resolvers will form ""; however, if you specify
>'client.' the presence of the '.' (DOT) indicate to the resolvers that
>'client.' is a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).
>IIRC: This is the method whether the resolution comes from /etc/hosts
>or DNS, so they try the FQDN on your /etc/hosts, then DNS, then wins
>before giving up.  (I don't know if they go back through the lookup
>sequence with the bare name or not.)
>AND I could be completely in error about exactly how this happens.
> -- --------------------------------------------- Bill R. Williams 
> <>
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Subject: 	server-side ftp autorization delays
Date: 	Thu, 27 May 2004 11:26:42 +0200
From: 	Jacob Lerner <>


I experience several-second delays when solaris 8 ftp server
accepts login/autorization. Delays appear not for all clients.
Clients are on LAN so it's not network speed issue.

Delays seem to appear only for clients  which are not in DNS.
When I remove dns from /etc/nsswitch.conf , delays go away;
ftp login becomes  immediate. The "hosts" line in nsswitch.conf is

    hosts:      files dns wins

How can I remove those delays ? Putting the client into /etc/hosts
doesn't help. Strange. Does server try reverse-dns or something ?

But I cannot permanently remove dns from /etc/nsswitch.conf, and
I cannot add unix clients to DNS ... dns server is windows machine
... managed separately.

Is there ftpd option to remove those delays ?

Yakov Lerner

Addition: the /etc/resolv.conf on the server is ok,  address
of the dns server is set correctly and dns is working ok.
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