SUMMARY: V440 Perl 25%

From: David <>
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 06:37:25 EDT
Original Question:

> Greetings Managers,
> I have a v440 installed with perl 5.8.4 compiled with ithreads.  What I
> am seeing is only 25% utilization across all CPU's and won't extend
> above that.  Is there any other options that I should have compiled into
> perl to allow use of more CPU time?.


Perl is a single threaded application and doesn't support SMP.  Use 4 perl
processes to utilize all CPU's (Quad way box) or just use rewrite the
application in another language that supports SMP to do the work, which I
might add is more than likely at this stage.

Much appreciation goes to,
	* Casper Dik
	* Darren Dunham
	* Sonny Baillargeon
	* Tim Chipman

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