SUMMARY: Moving E4500 OS Disk Into D1000 ! HELP!

From: Lewars, Mitchell (EM, PTL) <>
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 14:10:51 EDT
Thanks to all who replied.

I received a number of replies, most boiled down to 2 options that worked:

Install disks in StorEdge and connect to SCSI card, test connectivty by
stopping at OK prompt and run probe-scsi-all to make sure disks respond.

In my example, my boot disk was moved to c0t0d0s0 (originally it was

1) Boot with a cdrom.
   Mount your / filesystem as /a (mount /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 /a)
   Make a backup of /a/dev/dsk/* /a/dev/rdsk/* /a/dsv/cfg/*
   Delete /a/dev/dsk/* /a/dev/rdsk/* /a/dev/cfg/*
   Run:  devfsadm -C -v -r /a -p /a/etc/path_to_inst -t /a/etc/
   Update you /a/etc/vfstab file to use your new disk assignments.

2) Boot with a cdrom.
   Mount your / filesystem as /a (mount /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 /a)
   Make a backup of /a/dev /a/devices /a/etc/path_to_inst
   cd /tmp/devices; tar cvfp - . | (cd /a/devices; tar xvfp - )
   cd /tmp/dev; tar cvfp - . | (cd /a/dev; tar xvfp - )
   cp /tmp/root/etc/path_to_inst /a/etc/path_to_inst
   Modify /a/etc/vfstab to mount volumes with new disk assignments.
   Umount /a

I tries both and they both worked, personally I liked option 1 since it wasn't
overwriting anything but dsk assignments.

Thanks Again!

Mitchell Lewars


Original message below....

I have an E4500 and we purchased a D1000.

I am attempting to move all 6 of my disks from diskboards to the D1000,
including the OS drive.

When I installed my new differential controller, my ultra-wide controller
became c1; the differential is c0.

I installed my disks, restarted the machine and it dropped to an OK prompt.

I ran a probe-scsi-all and could see all my disks.

I set up an alias for my boot-disk (sol8) as my new disk position

I set the diag-device and boot-device to be my new alias (sol8).

I then did a reset to boot.

I booted to cdrom, and ran format to see the labels of my disks (c0t0d0s0 -
c0t8d0s0),  and edited the vfstab so that the c0t0d0s0 would be the boot

The system started to boot and then dies while after the server name and
interfaces, it says my /usr may be corrupt.

It appears that it will not create the device for my new disks.

I tried moving my boot disk back to a disk board but of course I have no
device handle for c1t10d0s0 either.

How do I move my OS to the D1000?   How do I fix my issue of no device
for the disks in the D1000?

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