SUMMARY: Sun Storedge L100 slots numbering

From: DAUBIGNE Sebastien - BOR <>
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 04:09:01 EDT
Thanks to Deborah Crocker, who confirmed that the layout I proposed was
I also learned that there are 4 additional fixed slots. I can't see theses
slots with the Netbackup SCSI control software "robtest" (it only shows 96
slots), I guess they are not controllable by the SCSI interface (?).
Sebastien DAUBIGNE <>
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Date:	mardi 25 mai 2004 17:33
Objet:	Sun Storedge L100 slots numbering


Could anyone of you experienced with Sun Storedge L100 library clarify the
slots numbering for LTO tapes. I am trying to identify where each SCSI slot
number is positioned in the library (I'm using Netbackup for SCSI robotic
control, but this is not important). As the L100 is 600 kilometers away, I
can't easily verify each tape in the library.

The "L25/L100 User guide" is not very clear about how the slots in the 8
magazines are ordered : It says that magazines are ordered from top to
bottom, then left to right, then the slots in each magazine are numbered
from front to back on the left side, and from back to front on the right

Is it to say that the slots are numbered the following way  ?? :

Slots 1-12 : Top-left magazine (1=front, 12=back)
Slots 13-24 : Top-right magazine (13=back, 24=front)
Slots 25-36 : Middle-top-left magazine (25=front, 36=back)
Slots 37-48 : Middle-top-right magazine (37=back, 48=front)
Slots 49-60 : Middle-bottom-left magazine (49=front, 60=back)
Slots 61-72 : Middle-bottom-right magazine (61=back, 72=front)
Slots 73-84 : Bottom-left magazine (73=front, 84=back)
Slots 85-96 : Bottom-right magazine (85=back, 96=front)

Am I wrong ?

Sebastien DAUBIGNE <>
AtosOrigin - ERP/Pessac
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