SUMMARY: sendmail and smart relays (resent)

From: Terry Franklin <>
Date: Mon Apr 12 2004 - 13:55:13 EDT
Sorry, neglected to include the original message.

I had written:

All, I have sporadic behavior with sendmail on Solaris
9 and I am hoping someone can point me in the right

Basically I can't figure out what determines when you
will get a stat=Sent vs stat=queued. I am getting a
dsn=4.4.3 which usually relates to an unresolvable
domain, but it's sporadic.

My is pointing to a smart relay host. If I
do a sendmail -C/etc/mail/ -t -v and enter
everything manually, the email goes through correctly
and isntantly.

Using mailx though, works sporadically. Sometimes an
email that gets the stat=queued won't be sent for as
much as 9 hours. But it's not a consistant behavior.
And the fact that I can either telnet to port 25 on
the smtp server and send directly or use my file as above leads me to think it's
something to do with the sendmail process.

How or what is determining what is queued here? Why
would I be able to send an email to my pager (an
internet address) and have it work fine one minute,
but get queued for an extrememly long time the next?
And why would sendmail behave differently between
doing it as sendmail -C/etc/mail/ -t -v vs
it's interaction with CLI mail tools like mailx?

Any insight is appreciated.

The solution:

Figured this one out on my own. For some reason DNS
was timing out, at least from the perspective of
sendmail, on occasion. I have never had trouble with
Dig or nslookup but nontheless I solved the problem by

O DirectSubmissionModifiers=C

from and bouncing sendmail
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