SUMMARY - Info on user auth Samba on Sol 2.6 with Windows 2003?

From: Peter Stokes <>
Date: Mon Jun 14 2004 - 04:18:30 EDT

I received a few replies, most suggested looking at LDAP etc, however 
Marcelino Mata hit the nail so to speak with the following 

While Samba 3.0 better supports Window2003 with LDAP, I use Samba 2.5 with
Windows2000 LDAP with no issues.  As we migrated from Windows Domains to
Windows20003 ActiveDirectory, I did not need to do anything to my Samba

If you add a Samba 2.x server to Window2003 ActiveDirectory domain, you
to do this for it be added:

add a machine account "sambaservername" inside windows active directory
    Users and Computers : right-click folder Computers -> New ->
    fill-in : "sambaservername" and check the box "Allow pre-Windows
    computers to use this account" . right-click on the samba-cable
    computer icon inside the Computers folder, and select "Reset

This works for Samba 2.5 "Domains" and "Server" security.

The only other thing we needed to do was enable WINS on the server. Not
sure if this was related to Samba or the clients needing to resolve the
server, but all is well with the changeover.



Hi All

I have a customer who is going to upgrade his Windows server to a full
blown Windows 2003 server complete with Active Directory and tells me
that the current authentication method will change to LDAP?

I have tried to find a coherent document on how to update his Solaris
2.6 SPARC system to allow the authentication, but cannot find any info.

Anyone have experience of this or know of a document which explains what
I need to do?


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